Be A Sponsor!



Be A Sponsor!

Sponsorship at GBM is a great way for individuals or businesses to give back to the Community and Society….and make a difference in a persons' lives and make a difference in the world by giving gifts to donors.

In fact, major corporations sponsor and donate to worthy causes all the time which they have found to be beneficial.  Donating gifts is good way to show goodwill towards others as well as a great way to share information about your products or services. And, so many need your help.



Sponsors have a choice when they "Give Back" to sponsor one or more Fundraisers.

1.Sponsors can select one or more Fundraisers

2.Sponsors can select all Fundraisers in one or more Categories

3.Sponsors can select All Fundraisers


To be a Sponsor, a Sponsor must donate one or more gifts.

1.Gifts should be free without requirement of purchase

2.Sponsors can request exceptions from GBM on "Free" but gifts must be substantially free without requirement of purchase and any purchase amount must be described on site

3.Gifts can be shipped, or picked up at a specified location. Sponsor can require reasonable shipping and handling charges but must be noted when describing gift. Inflating shipping and handling charges is prohibited as it dishonors the intent of giving "Free Gifts" to help raise funds for those  in need.


How It Works

1.Sponsor determines what Fundraiser or Fundraisers to donate to. Sponsor can donate free gifts one Fundraiser, all Fundraisers in a category or all fundraisers on site.

2.Sponsor determines what to donate as free gift and for what amount of donation

3.Sponsor puts a short email package together to email GBM. Email to contain

a.a short caption to explain the donation that is displayed on website

b.information to include in email to customer that is sent to customer when donation is made that will explain the gift, details for receiving gift, shipping requirements if applies to gift

c.CSV file of coupon codes if gift is a coupon

4.When Donation is made, Donor will receive an email from GBM with instructions submitted to GBM from Sponsor on how to receive gift and submit shipping charges if required and/or receive coupon code

a. Example: Email to Donor could contain a coupon, instructions to contact Sponsor by phone or email, provide coupon info and address and then details on procedure to receive gift, how to submit shipping charges, request Donors Address, email info etc.

5.Gifts can be Coupons for free items or free services that are not commonly available by other means or venues.

6.Coupons can be redeemed online or at physical location depending on Sponsors preference and setup.

7.GBM can create Coupons for Sponsors and will give coupon codes to Sponsor allowing Sponsor to verify coupon of donor is valid


Sponsor should send GBM  the text for email  for to send to donors who receive gifts

1.Sample Email GBM will send to Donors for each gift received:  "Thank you for your donation. Please email us at  with your email address, coupon number, name, mailing address, color (red, blue, black, etc) Size,


Gifts can be tickets to events such as dinners, music events, sports events, tours, trips, plays, auctions, etc.

1.Tickets can be for premium seating, back stage access, first in line

2.Tickets can be for such things as throwing out first pitch, photo op with celebrity

3.The tickets can be emailed or mailed to donor,  Sponsor will need to post in email sent to donor instructions on how to obtain tickets and any required information like name, address, email address, phone number, other.

4.Tickets can be in CSV file that sponsor creates

5.We can create Tickets in CSV file and share our ticket numbers with sponsor to verify Ticket of donor is valid


Gifts and Donations

1.Sponsor determines at what Value of donation the gift will be awarded.

2.The value of the gift does NOT need to be similar to the value of donation -- it can be a greater value or lesser value than amount donated.

3.If Sponsor is awarding many of the same type of gift, the gift must be awarded at same donation value regardless of Fundraiser or category.

4.Sponsor may donate different type/kind of gifts and each type of gift can be at same or different value of donation

5.Donation value of gift can be for any of the following dollar amounts: 5, 10,15,20, 30, 40, 50, 75,  100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 10,000 (or more) For other values please email us your request.

6.Gifts should be as described. Gifts are presumed new unless otherwise identified on website caption.


Two Type of Sponsors, Associate  Sponsors and Independent Sponsors

1.An Associate  Sponsor is a Sponsor that is recruited by a Fundraiser or is in collaboration with a Fundraiser and has a prior cooperative or working relationship with Fundraiser. A Funndraiser is allowed to communicate freely with Sponsor as long as it is mutually agreed to by Sponsor and Fundraiser.

2.An Independent Sponsor is a Sponsor that is joining GBM  and making donations that has not been recruited by a Fundraiser and did not start out in a cooperative or working relationship with a Fundraiser and is not in communication with a Fundraiser.

3. Regardless of type of Sponsor, other Fundraisers are prohibited from contacting Sponsors about sponsoring donations for their Fundraiser.  If a Sponsor is contacted by a Fundraiser to make donations for their Fundraiser, the Sponsor should contact GBM.  GBM will then investigate and take appropriate action which will include a warning and repeated offenses could include removal of Fundraiser from GBM

4.An  Associate Sponsor can be recruited by more than one Fundraiser if the relationship existed prior to the Fundraiser joining GBM.

5.An Associate or Independent Sponsor is free to donate gifts to any Fundraisers as desired such as specific Fundraisers, specific Categories, or All Fundraisers. To do this, please contact GBM by email.

Please email GBM to  become a sponsor or if you have any questions.