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GivingBackMiracles is built with the most effective social-sharing tools that get the word out faster, once your campaign is launched, use those tools to spread the word on your social or personal networks. Get people to “like” and repost your campaign as this will amplify the success of your campaign’s publicity thereby enabling you hit your target goal faster.

Inspire Your Donors With Sponsors

Many Donors are more likely to make donations and larger donations when they receive gifts in return for their donations. Sponsors like to help the community by supporting causes. Recruit Sponsors who want to help with your cause. Contact and talk to area merchants or online merchants who offer products and/or services related to your Fundraiser. For instance, if you are creating a fundraiser for homeless animals, you may want to contact, your local area Vets, Pet Supply Stores. Maybe someone you know owns a restaurant who wants to support your cause and offer free meal for a donation of $50. Be creative. Find sponsors online that want to support your cause. (Make sure your Sponsors are advised they are protected from being contacted by other Fundraisers.)

Social Sharing Tools --Helpful Tools for your Campaign

Launch a campaign, Share on major social networks, send direct emails, track and watch your campaign take off, keep your donor updates and more.

Anyone can help you

Contact your family, friends, aquaintences. Talk to area merchants in your area. All of your Supporters and Contributors can also help spread the word.

Greater Contributions with Gifts

When Donors are offered gifts in return for their contributions, Fundraisers work much better and usually exceptionally well and more times than not, surpass their targets.

Fundraisers Create Gifts and Find Sponsors

Fundraisers--- create gifts and find sponsorst who donate gifts to help inspire and motivate others to donate to your Fundraiser and to help spread the word. Talk it over with your friends and family for ideas and inspiration. Network with others who want to make and/or donate gifts.

Raise the Funds You Need

We all should have the means of raising funds whenever we need to. Thanks to, now we all do.  Join in now. Create your Fundraiser, or be a Sponsor, or make a Donation or do all THREE!!

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