How Do I Donate?







Click on Fundraiser you would like to donate too.
“Click "Contribute Now” on Campaign detail page.
“Look over contribution amounts and the one or more gifts you will receive in return for your donation.
“You will only donate the one amount that you select, but receive all the gifts marked with Red dollar amounts. See details "How Many Gifts Do I Get When I Donate?"
* Check the box for the amount you wish to donate. and confirm total amount of donation is correct
* Confirm total amount of donation is the correct amount that is found at the bottom of the Donation Panel in the box with red "Donation Amount" title.
* Enter details like shipping address if requested. This is to receive your gifts.
* Enter Email Address & Confirm E-mail address (if you are registered, it is best to use your email address you Registered with). Use an email and set your spam settings and filters to recieve emails  from GivingBackMiracles.
* Select Privacy option as to your preference.
* The comment field is optional.
* Click the “contribute” by Credit Card or Bank Account, then click the orange "Contribute" button at bottom of pabe.
* Follow the Payment process at WePay. No one at GBM or the Fundraisers as access to your credit card info which is processed and securely stored by Industry Leader WePay.
*  Return to GBM if you wish.
*All Fundraisers will receive all funds raised even if it does not reach its goal.
*Check your email and your spam folders for information and Thank You email for important infromation and details to receive your gifts.

How Many Gifts Do I Get When I Donate?

Click on Fundraiser you would like to donate too and then look over the Donation amounts and gifts.
*You donate one amount you select but you can get many gift for one donation.
*EXAMPLE: You will only pay the one Donation amount you select, not a sum of Donation amounts for each gift. If there are three Sponsored Gifts and one Fundraiser gift all given for a $10 donation, you will get all four gifts for the one $10 donation amount.

*For your one donation, you will get gifts from 2 groups. You will get one gift from the Fundraiser if they offer one or more gifts (if Fundraiser does not offer gift, you will not get a gift from Fundraiser), and you will always get at least one or more gifts from Sponsor Gifts.


*If there are two or more Sponsor Gifts for the same donation amount that you select,  you will get all the gifts for that selected Donation amount . 


*Click the amount you want to donate either in Fundraiser or Donated Gifts.


*You will get all the Gifts of equal value in both groups or next lower value in group not selected 


*You will receive all the Gifts check marked with red Dollar Amounts.


*To change your donation amount, click the "Reset" button at top and make a new selection.


*Check it out - experiment - click a donation amount and see how it works--then click the "Reset" button.


“Click "Contribute Now” on Campaign detail page.

Why Use GivingBackMiracles.com?


GivingBackMiracles.com is a unique fundraising site with many benefits and advantages.


*Every Donor gets one or more gifts.


*Fundraisers can recruit and utilize their own unique Sponsors to provide gifts to Donors just for their Fundraiser


*Fundraisers have flexible options to provide their own Gifts to their Donors


*Fundraisers will be able to give Sponsored Gifts to their Donors that are universal to all Fundraisers or specialized to specific Fundraisers or Categories.


*We offer standard flexible fundaising so Fundraiser will collect any and all funds donated.


*We charge a low fee of 4% and0% for hardship situations, Charities and Non-profits.


*Fundraisers have options to post multiple images, multipleYouTube Videos or Audio Files, downloadable Documents or PDFs,

Is it Free to set up my Funding Site with GivingBackMiracles?




*Joining and setting up your funding site with GivingBackMiracles is totally free -- we do not charge or collect any fees from you for setting up your Fundraiser


*GivingBackMiracles normally charges on donated funds a low 4% fee and 0% fee for Charities, Non-profits, and hardship situations. At limited times, we do special introductory offers for any fundraisers that join GivingBackMiracles.com and for those joining at those times will not pay any fees to GBM. Small fees are still charged by WePay for each donation, but none of those fees go to GivingBackMiracles.


*The abiility to provide low fees down to 0% is made possible by the time and dedication of Volunteers and also voluntary donations and gifts from businessess and community organizations.


*There is a standard WePay fee of 2.9% and 30 cents per transaction that is charged by WePay. Currently, WePay fees are not able to be waived.


*GivingBackMiracles does not get any of the fees charged by WePay. All fees charged by WePay goes to WePay. 


Do You Offer Groupfunding?


GivingBackMiracles does not offer Groupfunding


*Groupfunding or Crowdfunding is a fundraising service which allows the donations made to only be given to the Fundraiser when the fundraising goal is met -- i.e. "all or none". So, if Fundraiser does not meet the fundraising goal, none of the funds donated are given to the Fundraiser and all funds are returned to the Donors.


*GivingBackMiracles only offers Flexible Fundraising with gifts to Donors such that the Fundraiser receives all donations made to fundraiser without having to meet a specific goal.


*GivingBackMiracles does not offer Groupfunding or Crowdfunding because we instead provide a platform for Gifts to be given to Donors which gives better incentives to Donors to make donations than the Groupfunding or Crowdfunding method.


*Additionally, GivingBackMiracles provides that benefits of Flexible fundraising to Fundraisers without the unfair rule of Groupfunding of receiving none of the donations even if just a penny short of the fundraising goal.


*GivingBackMiracles offers the best options for both Donors and Fundraisers

Does GivingBackMiracles guarantee a Fundraiser's Claims


GivingBackMiracles does not guarantee Fundraiser's claims.


*All claims and responsibilities of each Fundraising project are made solely by the Fundraiser. See "Terms and Conditions"


*Donors decide a project’s legitimacy or worthiness and decide whether they want to make a donation or not with their own discretion.

Are My Donations Tax Deductible?


Many contributions are tax-deductible.


*Donors should check with their tax advisor and may check with Fundraiser about the the tax status of donations.


*Most Charitable and non-profits offer tax deductions for donations.



Do you recommend connecting with Facebook or Twitter?




*We recommend connecting with Facebook, Twitter as It's a simple way for anyone to log in to GivingBackMiracles.


*If you have set up a Fundraiser,  connecting to Facebook and/or Twitter is a great way to let backers know a little bit more about you.


*And using Facebook and Twitter accounts is  an easy way to show Donors you're a real person.


*You may also edit the privacy settings of your Facebook or Twitter account to control what your Visitors and Donors see.